‘Orkney Folk Festival: Fiddle Gathering’ - a glorious record of an outstanding event

(June 04, 2016)

Take a selection of Orkney’s finest musicians, record them doing what they do best to celebrate the isles’ enduring fiddle tradition and release a live CD called ‘Orkney Folk Festival: Fiddle Gathering’ Orkney Folk Festival Fiddle Gatheringand for anyone that adores the fiddle in all its facets then this album has to become part of your collection.

Renowned Orcadian tradition-bearers, such as Tommy Mainland and Billy Jolly, are joined by some of the isles’ most successful musical exports, including Sarah MacFadyen and Fara (Jen Austin, Louise Bichan, Kristan Harvey, Jeana Leslie and Catriona Price), as well as students Aidan Moodie and Graham Rorie, representing the newest generation of players.

The fiddle has been the beating heart of Orkney’s traditional music for centuries and carried its influence across many nations and borders. The stories still persist it was Orcadians working in the Hudson’s Bay fur trade who introduced the instrument to Canada. Whatever the truth of the matter this album is simply a glorious record of an outstanding event.

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