‘Adroneline’ from Homebound - breath-taking in its scope and astonishing in its delivery

(June 22, 2016)

“Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts”... that statement could easily have been written for Homebound, a seven-piece band that blends and fuses music from different cultures, genres and disciplines that at Adroneline Homeboundfirst seem unlikely confederates. Integrating music from diverse pedigrees into a cohesive whole with their album ‘Adroneline’ is achieved through the synergy of the artists, translating into the ability of each individual to come together and outperform the solo efforts of the best individual member.

‘Adroneline’ brings together musicians from Germany, Scotland, Russia, India, Portugal, and the USA. It melds highland and border pipes, drums and percussion, guitar, table and darbuka with harp, cello and concertina – the result is breath-taking in its scope and astonishing in its delivery. Described as ‘an intensely spellbinding musical experience’ the ‘Androneline’ experience is unique in every way - classical mixes with roots, Celtic composition thrives with Indian ragas, medieval dance flies with hypnotic drone - and all the while your aural senses are thrilled.

Homebound are  Pedro Aibéo (acoustic guitar, oud, Irish bouzouki, vocals) Cheyenne Brown (harp, vocals) Hardeep Deerhe (table, darbuka, vocals) Sascha Gotowtschikov (drums, berimbao, zarb zurkhaneh, tavil, Kanjira, ghatam, dhol, timpani) Allan MacDonald (Great Highland pipes, smallpipes, whistles, jaw harp, vocals) Joachim Schiefer (cello, 5-string cello, double bass, vocals) and Thomas Zoeller (Border pipes, smallpipes, concertina, low and tin whistles, hurdy-gurdy, deepA-drone) with guests on selected tracks James Beattie (digeridoo), Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig (Mogolian vocals) and Lisa Pawelke, Ally Storch and Alison Welles (vocals).


Review: Charlie Elland

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