‘Some Other Shore’ by KARA - conflagration of cultures, miasma of melodies, rush of innovation

(June 23, 2016)

The distinctive sound that KARA generates is far more than a blend of East and West, it’s a conflagration of cultures, a miasma of melodies, a rush of innovation and an intricate web of instrumentation wound round one of folk’s most striking, theatrical and Some Other Shore from KARAdramatic voices. That voice belongs to Daria Kulesh who entwines her Russian heritage and vivid gift for aural and visual storytelling with the skills of melodeon player Phil Underwood, Kate Rouse’s evocative touch on hammered dulcimer and the driven guitar of Ben Honey ... together they are KARA. They fuse and coalesce original and traditional folk with influences reaching in from close and far to create lush, idiosyncratic songs and their latest album ‘Some Other Shore’ overflows with their magic. 

From the dark intensity of songs like ‘Tamara’s Wedding’ and ‘Goodbye and Forgive Me’, through the evocative memories of ‘Seaview’ and mystery of ‘Adrienne’ to the re-imagining of ‘Lovers’ Tasks’ allied to Kate Rouse’s delicate waltz ‘Black Tea Waltz’ and the harsh truths of ‘Leigh Fishermen’ a thread of sharply observed and faultlessly delivered narrative works through their songs. KARA have in a relatively short time, established themselves as first-class exponents of their own characterful expression of the multifaceted wonder that is English folk. ‘Some Other Shore’ shows just how far the band has come since their debut album, and just how far they will clearly go.

Playing on ‘Some Other Shore’ KARA are Daria Kulesh (lead vocals) Ben Honey (guitar) Phil Underwood (melodeon, vocals) Kate Rouse (hammered dulcimer, vocals) with the added talents of Lucas Drinkwater (double bass) James Delarre (fiddle) and Jason Emberton (additional instrumentation).

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Review: Tim Carroll

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