‘Trig’ by Tannara - patterns of the past overlaid with innovation

(July 20, 2016)

The musical web created by Tannara mixes ancient and modern with such dexterity there is no discernible point of mating. This is also one of those rare debut albums that taxes belief ... if it’s an introduction to their music then this band has some serious Trig from Tannara‘distance’ to travel with a definite symbiosis across its participants. The deep-seated traditions of Scotland are clear and evident, then again so is an unfettered streak of inventiveness. Together, these elements lead Tannara’s music in directions rich in patterns of the past overlaid with innovation fresh as the future.

The expansiveness and reach of ‘Trig’ presents a ‘full-on’ soundscape that both invigorates and intrigues. I think it highly unlikely that one could listen to ‘Trig’ and remain unmoved, either by the vibrancy of the tunes or the pull of the ballads. The tunes include the scintillating ‘Bill and Jill’, move into the intricacies of ‘Two Birds No Stones’ and through the lively exuberance of ‘Look After Yourself’. A dark intensity suffuses their interpretation of the many-versioned ‘Three Ravens’, a fine take on the mournful Cape Breton-forged ballad ‘When First I Came To Caledonia’ and a deeply haunting rendering of the death of Henry VIII’s beloved ‘Queen Jane’Scotland should be proud of their respect for heritage and fearlessness to move forward.

Tannara are Owen Sinclair (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals) Becca Skeoch (harp) Joseph Peach (accordion, Fender Rhodes, piano) and Cameron Ross (fiddle) with Mattie Foulds (percussion) and Rachel Newton (vocals). 

‘Trig’ releases 27th July 2016, album and band are here:

Review: Tim Carroll

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