‘Suitcase’ - Ian Roland & Simon Yapp - Americana tinged with English folk

(July 26, 2016)

The music of singer-songwriter Ian Roland drew my attention from the first. His blend of softly rocking Americana tinged with overtones of English folk came to my attention through his album ‘How That Dust Jumps’. Now he’s joined forces with Suitcase_cardwallet-website-front-and-back-covers-jpgfiddle player Simon Yapp and the result lifts Roland’s songwriting into a more rounded sound, embellished by Yapp’s fiddle breaks and tight harmonies. This live-recording is a collection of new and reworked songs called ‘Suitcase - a live collection’ ... the downside is there’s only seven tracks, so more EP than album.

The eponymous 'Suitcase' encapsulates their sound and 'Wishing Well' reinforces just how listenable this pairing are. The songs are quietly addictive with small, delicately placed hooks, the longer you listen the more you want to hear, and there's little doubt that once heard, you could listen to Roland and Yapp for some considerable time. 'Put That Light On' and 'Songbirds' simply reinforce the impression, as you’re drawn further into this album, by the time 'Hate' comes along (slightly strange title for such a lovely tune) you’re a convert. This a pairing you should listen to.

So now guys when comes the album?


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