Thoughts for the dark days of January

(January 10, 2017)

The festivities of the season are a dim memory and all that remains is to take down the decorations (which always look rather tawdry and sad once the party is over). There's also the spectre of paying off the festivity-induced debts and losing the weight added by gross over indulgence. There's the recovery from the alcohol-induced merriment of New Year celebrations and the desperate search through destoryed brain cells to remember exactly what you did at that party.

Beyond these dubious joys there's the seemingly endless darkness and tedious anticlimax of January and the long drag through fog, ice, sleet and rain waiting for the promise of spring. There's also the lingering fear of snow-paralysed roads and trains delayed by everything from 'leaves on the line' through frozen points to crippling strikes. Add to that, the continual media miasma of half truths about politicians, banks, business, coupled with even more tedious televison dross and listening to what passes for journalism.

However, it is certainly not all doom and gloom. There is relief in the air. There's the expectation of another year of gigs, festivals, new releases, singing and dancing. Forget the unreliable nature of the weather - bask in the (possibly misplaced) belief that all outdoor events will be fine this year. Fear not about visitor numbers - every venue will be packed to the rafters. Breathe in the optimism. Hang on in there.

All we have to do is brace ourselves for a couple of months of morning and evening darkness before the sun returns. So here's wishing everyone best wishes for a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2017 from everyone at FolkWords. It has been a pleasure writing about folk in all its forms ... and with your support long may we continue.

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