... arbitarily mixing different strands of folk

(April 02, 2017)

Apparently, and I quote: "FolkWords is arbitarily mixing different strands of folk," and doing that is: "... just one more way to dilute the authenticity of all folk." That's an accusation that flew in from left field this morning. The criticism continued along the lines of if we are going to review music from all fields of folk, such as nu-folk, traditional folk, punk-folk and psych-folk (to name those referenced by our opinionated friend) coupled with Americana, blues-folk and country-folk (his other targets) then apparently, we are doing nothing more than: "... casting a net so wide that it has everything from cod to crustaceans cobbled together inside it."

Apart from the slightly mixed metaphors and strange reference to off shore fishing, describing areas of folk that: ‘dilute the authenticity of all folk’ could result in one or two artist be justifiably rather pissed off. FolkWords remains eclectic in its tastes and pretty fluid in its boundaries. As I have said before, the minute you start to erect walls around music you restrict and stultify rather than ensure the pedigree of the product. Each branch of the tree has its own merits, as do the deep seated roots.

Well I suppose the answer is: “If you don't like it don't read it.” And if you feel that: "... the entire reason for your site's existence has vanished. You have fallen foul of the desire to make folk universally accepted and commercial," then that's fine by me too. Don’t visit us again.

The observation closed with the point that: “Everyone is fully and fairly entitled to their own opinion and good luck to you with it but as a folk music site you should think more deeply before you publish.”

Hold on a second. Doesn't the same standard apply to what we decide to write about and also to the music we decide to review?

Gosh so it does. I guess that means we'll carry on ‘mixing different strands of folk’ and if that upsets you, well you can always knock us off your 'Bookmarks' listing and we’ll never darken your doors again. Hey ho.

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