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‘Never Mind the Rain’ from Steve Mednick - laid back, melody-rich American folk

(December 27, 2014)

Before someone tells me this album has been out for a while, yeah, I know. I could have sworn I’d written Steve Mednick Never Mind the Rainabout it here before. Guess what? I was mistaken. Clearly advancing years have gotten the better of me. So to put right an omission and do justice to a fine singersongwriter that too often operates below mainstream radar, here’s ‘Never Mind the Rain’ from Steve Mednick. Should tender, lyrical, melody-rich American folk floats your boat then this album will carry it away in a flood.

Through the 16 songs on ‘Never Mind the Rain’, delivered in Mednick’s distinctive, earthy, well-travelled voice, there’s feelings of love, longing, loss, wondering and understanding. There are observations, dedications, supplications and affirmations. Each one reflects the power of the man’s lyrics, and each makes a powerful point. The relaxed ‘Me + You’opens with typical Mednick style, before moving into the powerful narrative of ‘The Voice in The Wilderness’ and the exceptional engagement of ‘Coup de Foudre’ and ‘Only Love is Real’ with an entirely memorable hook. Other standouts include the mutual respect and compassion-packed ‘Our Bonds of Trust’‘I’ll Never Pass This Way Again’ and ‘The Days They Are Fleeting’. Describe this album? Laid-back intensity – get close and feel it.

Participating on ‘Never Mind the Rain’: The Ruminators who are Steve Mednick (vocals, guitars, keys) Karl Allweier (bass, acoustic guitar) Billy Kotsaftis (lead guitar) Eddie Seville (drums, percussion, harmonica, keyboards, lap and pedal steel guitars, vocals) with friends and enablers Matt Cartsonis (accordion, mandolin) Joni Love (flute) Bob Loveday (violin, mandolin) plus Emma Casagrande, Tony Casagrande, Rose Lion, Natalile Modugno and Sallylu Sianni (vocals).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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