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‘Everything’s Beautiful Now’ from Christine Albert - tribute to friends and loved ones

(December 30, 2014)

Music offers powerful dialogues about life, love, peace and beauty. It also reaches those places where sorrow, loss and death reside. There’s an elemental contact to express the extent of the human condition. ‘Everything’s Beautiful Now’ from Christine AlbertChristine Albert reaches out to touch that condition through a collection of songs written as her tribute to friends and loved ones that have ‘sailed away to new horizons’. And if you’ve ever ‘stayed behind’ as someone close to you has set out on that last great adventure, then this album shares Christine’s view and offers ways to put it all into perspective. Make no mistake, this is not a maudlin set of ‘tear jerkers’ (although there’s moments when you may experience water-filled eyes) neither is it an attempt to beguile anyone from grief - this is reverence based on accepting transition and understanding beyond anything else, it’s just another trip we all take.

These songs reveal an intensely personal edge, an understanding of gentle acceptance, a reflection on past times and a realisation that in the end, it really is alright. The messages remain strong throughout. It doesn’t much matter where your beliefs stand, the songs on ‘Everything’s Beautiful Now’ take you to arresting places - from the opening title track to ‘On That Beautiful Day’ and ’For A Dancer’ to ‘At Times Like These’ and ‘Someday Isle’. And all the while, Christine’s voice sets precisely the right tone walking the edge between acutely touching observations and powerfully crafted narrative.

There's a wealth of artists on ‘Everything’s Beautiful Now’ including Christine Albert (vocals) Chris Gage (acoustic, baritone and electric guitars, piano, Wurlitzer, lap steel, accordion, tambourine, shaker, harmony vocals) Glenn Fukunaga (bass) Paul Pearcy (drums, rainstick, cymbals, djembe) Kym Warner (mandolin, mandola, bouzouki) Lloyd Maines (Gibson Dobro) David Carroll (upright bass, harmony vocals) Jerry Jeff Walker (acoustic guitar, vocals) with Troupe Gammage, Kira Small, Eliza Gilkyson, Busy McCarroll, Joey Delahoussaye, Nick Hurt, Ezra Idlet and Craig Calvert (vocals, harmony vocals or choir vocals ).

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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