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‘Carry the Fire’ by Jeremy Tuplin - a slow working, lingering magic

(January 19, 2015)

There’s an attention-grabbing and lasting impression cast by the songs on ‘Carry the Fire’ the debut EP from Jeremy Tuplin, and that comes through his richly characterful, resonant vocals and Carry The Fire EP Front Coveridiosyncratic delivery with tones that draw maximum impact from the feeling locked into his songs. The songs on this EP come with an inherent attraction that pulls you into their message, not so much an immediacy but a slow working magic that lingers in the air with the pleasing tenacity of ground coffee or fresh-baked bread.

Tuplin’s soft yet dextrous touch on guitar and rounded vocals add extra dimension to his perceptive lyrics, as he moves between Americana-infused folk and the heritage of his own folk roots. Tuplin creates songs awash with sharp observations, acidic humour and thought-out reflection. There’s examination of the minutiae of relationship, incidence and experience coupled to a sense of backward-looking deliberation that suggests longed-for memories brought to life. The opener, ‘Forever On My Way Home’ reviews one aspect of his life-journey with thoughtful understanding and a soul-baring frankness, it’s the same with the following track, ‘I Need You Here’ as it exposes raw confusion and uncertainty, and ‘Your Words Play On My Mind’ makes its profound testimony revealing a mind in turmoil. ‘Did We Lose the Fight?’ is equally frank in its assessment of human relationship, with the added advantage of precise violin cuts and female vocal harmony, while the eponymous ‘Carry The Fire’ observes an acceptance of the relentless certainty of loss.

Its sparsely-produced touch is exactly what’s required to pull the best from the songs and allow Tuplin to expand his lyrical and musical skills - yet you still want to hear more.  As I’ve said before, if an EP leaves you wanting more and waiting for an album to follow, then it has done its job. That’s what happens here – so in my view ‘Carry The Fire’ is job done.

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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