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‘The Wild One’ by Awna Teixeira - music to absorb with nothing else to interfere

(January 23, 2015)

This took a little while to get under my skin but when it did it stayed there, ‘The Wild One’ from Canadian singer-songwriter Awna Teixeira - delicately textured and achingly penetrating roots The Wild One cover artmusic. It’s one of those albums that could let slide away, simply because it’s so elusive that if you hear anything more than a whisper while it plays it could break the spell. This music for absorbing, with nothing else to interfere. ‘The Wild One’ is cathartic and challenging, releasing simple feelings between supreme relaxation, pointed questioning and tentative expectation.

The wistful, waif-like vocals alternate between melancholy contemplation unadorned and vivid, and expressive revelations that take the listener deep into their tales. A tapestry of music woven by acoustic and electric guitars, piano, banjo, ukulele, organs and whistles hangs across this album like a haunting web. Piercingly personal views mix with gentle observations. Throughout, understanding and compassion walk hand in hand. Listen to the delicious ‘The Light In You’, the tender honesty of ‘Blue Heart On Your Sleeve’, the haunting ‘Little Ghost of a Whale’ or the fragile ‘Thunderbird’, and my favourite, the supremely gorgeous‘Freedom Hunter’ – pick any track and this lady will get to you.

The musicians on ‘The Wild One’ are Awna Teixeira (lead vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, ukulele, piano, pump organ, Rhodes, Farfisa, bass piano bass, whistles) Brian Kobayakawa (bass) Sly Juhas (drums, percussion) Ja Speed (electric guitar) Oh Susanna (harmonies) Drew Lindsay (piano) and Dave MacKimmon (omnichord).

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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