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‘A Little Light’ - EP from Gareth Lee & Annie Baylis - enough leave you wanting more(January 27, 2015)

(January 27, 2015)

There’s a strangely addictive magnetism about the EP ‘A Little Light’ by acoustic folk duo Gareth Lee & Annie Baylis – hear it once and immediately you want to hear it again. The crystal clear vocals A Little Light - Gareth Lee and Annie Baylishave an alluring edge that catches your ear and you pay attention, there’s an austere touch to the accompaniment that’s just enough, and the precise string cuts embellish as-required but never get in the way. The overall feel isof an EP giving enough of itself in exactly the right way to showcase the duo’s music, although four tracks is hardly a taster more of a tease, but it’s enough leave you wanting more.

The opening is down to ‘Choices’ mixing keys and strings to create a questioning look at the opportunities to have and make choices, which many don’t, and dealing with the results, ‘Susie’ follows with a more urgent guitar-driven dynamism some lush hooks and searing string arrangement. The feel of ‘Everchnaging’ does just that, opening without lavish production in favour of simple guitar, Annie’s vocals and tight harmonies before working in with strings once again to deliver its message. The stand out track is the sombre echoing of ‘A Little Light’ laying out an understanding of despondent acceptance through the vocals and once more through those characterful strings. And if you hold on when the CD ends, a ‘hidden’ track - ‘Ups and Downs’ follows, a simple expression of honest reflection on the vagaries of life.

So, ‘A Little Light’ ends up presenting five songs and in doing so sets up this pair for the album that most surely follow. One can only hope. 

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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