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The Lost Art – a debut album that offers a certain magnetism

(February 07, 2015)

The eight songs on The Lost Art’s eponymous debut are a tenuous collection of harmony-rich, subtly The Lost Art debut albumcrafted and intimately instrumented songs that sweep across their scope of delivery to both engage and disconcert. The core of the absorption comes from the combination of two engaging voices belonging to Gordo Francis and Greg Hooper that alternately contest and unite to deliver a vocal compendium with a touch of familiarity but entirely different. Have you heard them before? Is this from today or from years ago? The questions are answered by how you hear their ‘hard-to-place’ blend of styles and certain magnetism.  

Leading in with an easy flow through the pensive, almost fragile harmonies of `Equals’, the insistent energy of‘Floating Away’ and the vocal explorations of `Secret Life’ move deeper into their style. Add disarming resonances and punchy swing arriving with ‘The Passenger’ on an altogether different tack, and you’re experiencing the individuality of this duo. Don’t get comfortable though, `Kick the Habit’ is uncompromising vocal acrobatics with a guitar-driven, harmony-edge, before the portentious echoes of ‘High and Mighty’ complete with sonorous piano and faintly disturbing vocals takes an altogether more ominous turn.

The Lost Art definitely bring something different. It’s a difference that pulls you in and then leaves you slightly wondering ‘where to next?’ Are there too many vocal twists and unexpected turns? First impressions may confuse but the longer you listen, the more this album makes it work. Decide for yourself here:

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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