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Down to Believing from Allison Moorer - revelations close to many personal voyages

(February 10, 2015)

When artists write intensely personal songs there’s a slight temptation to consider what and how much they reveal. Perhaps to protect themselves or relieve the fear that a private journey might be too Allison Moorer Down to Believingremote for sharing. Within ‘Down to Believing’ from singer-songwriter Allison Moorer, the revelations come close to many personal voyages, there’s no fear that an audience will relate, perhaps not to every nuance and experience but in her wider realm of feelings - we’ve all been there or close. That’s why from the opening gut-level hit of ‘Like It Used To Be’ through the deep-seated shadows of ‘Thunderstorm/Hurricane’ to the confusion of ‘Lost My Crystal Ball’ there are sentiments that need to be disclosed.

Her album ‘Crows’ took her music somewhere special, this one takes it further than ever. Though in all honesty, this is not what you would call American folk, it’s far more potent Americana country rock, there’s no way I would pass up the opportunity to write about ‘Down To Believing’. This album carves out a special place that’s worth sharing. Moorer has endured, like some of us, perhaps more than a fair share of family trauma, rather than fall beneath the wheels of adversity she decided to rise up and turn the experiences into this album. The tender melodic power and visceral truths of ‘Down To Believing’, unchained feelings in ‘If I Were Stronger’ and the gentle understanding of ‘Blood’ pour through her voice. The powerful ode to her son John Henry reflects the inadequacy every parent feels when they cannot keep ‘the wolf’ from their children, as I said: ‘… revelations that come close to many personal voyages’  - it's a song that hit me. And if ‘Gonna Get It Wrong’ doesn’t touch you, then life must be passing you by.

‘Down to Believing’ releases on 17th March and Allison Moorer starts a tour in the USA in March, I truly hope the temptation for another UK tour soon becomes too strong to resist.

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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