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'Alone On The World Stage’ from Cameron Blake - gives everything expected

(February 12, 2015)

The simple magic of ‘lone performer with guitar’ endures, and with this album it works once again, ‘Alone On The World Stage’ from Cameron Blake gives everything expected from an artist both living in the world and Alone-On-The-World-Stage-Coverlaying out his songs for wider analysis. It delivers a collection of sensitively engaging songs that both look-inward and gaze-outward, in doing so Blake reflects on personal and shared experience and comments on the incidents and issues he sees around him. Delivered with openly straightforward lyrics his songs chronicle storylines and release sensations just as they come, no obscure imaginings, no ambiguity, nothing restrained – and that’s what makes this album so readily accessible.

The music is simple in its approach, with softly strummed guitar or piano making a perfect background to Blake’s warm and focused vocals that weave themselves through his words. The opening ‘Rise and Shine’ blends ancient and modern references to observe the plight of ‘innocents’ in the Israel-Palestine conflict, he shifts his gaze to America with the personified indictment of ‘North Dakota Oil’, a cry for social awareness in ‘Detroit’ and the deep-seated concern of ‘Welfare Street’.  There’s as much keen understanding when he turns his critical eye inwards, as Blake reveals an equally precise view on a personal footing with the affecting‘Ultrasound’ and the well-spring of compassion and understanding that lies within ‘Home Movie’.

The essence of this album is songs to make you think, about yourself and the world around you. ‘Alone On The World Stage’ releases 16th March 2015.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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