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'Calling Card' - Anna Fuschia Scott and Richard A Levens - thoroughly memorable and lush

(February 17, 2015)

This duo is new to me. Perhaps they’re new to many other people as well.  However, their debut album Calling Card'Calling Card' should change that, because it should spread the word far and wide. Hailing from Orkney, which may account for my lack of awareness, Anna Fuschia Scott (vocals, bass guitar) and Richard A Levens (acoustic, electric and baritone lap steel guitars) have combined to treat us to something completely different - and something thoroughly memorable. Hear this once and you will not forget it.

Apparently, this album is ‘… the result of a moment of spontaneous serendipity’. Recorded live with no rehearsals, re-takes or overdubs this is an amalgam of bluesy-jazz and folky-soul, and if that sounds like a startling mix, you’re right, it is. It's also beyond and outside anything the respective sources of influence have brought together previously, Anna Fuschia Scott’s athletic soaring and arching vocals pull everything there is out of the songs. At the same time, Richard A Levens adds fluid and unfussy but nonetheless wholly absorbing guitar to faultlessly work around the lyrics.

Whether it’s the spicy balminess of ‘Old Skool Jam’, the sultry pacing in ‘Place without people’, the succulence of ‘In my Zone’ or ‘Once upon a time’ with its mood-evoking closeness, this is an album that richly deserves to be relished, and rightly earns the word ‘lush’.

'Calling Card' is a debut album that offers powerful levels of confidence and capability - it’s bound to kick up a storm. More information here:

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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