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‘Fox Tales’ from Foxes Faux - nothing mild, delicate or understated

(March 07, 2015)

There’s times when cordon bleu cookery simply isn't up to it, only a chunk of rare steak will do. That’s pretty much how it goes with the attraction of this album. Nothing mild, delicate or understated, ‘Fox Tales’ Foxes Fauk Fox_Tales_Art_Workthe debut album from Foxes Faux offers a raw mix of influences from folk to rock, gypsy to punk. Fast or slow, aggressive or thoughtful, Foxes Faux take no prisoners. Their music has a visceral edge, some polished moments and some as rough as a badger’s bum, and that’s part of its attraction. ‘Fox Tales’ is definitely a ‘rare steak’ album, so come prepared to indulge in some ‘carnivorous’ music.

Its fervent drive pushes itself at you. This is ‘gut-feel’ music, instinctive and unrestricted. The bass and drums arrive with power, the violin slices the air, while guitars, mandolin and banjo rip it up with the best of them, add a stomp-drive that would do justice to a marching regiment and you have it. 'Cops and Robbers' drags you straight in with insistent questions, 'Isabella' absolutely rattles along, while the confusion and anger in 'Alien' pours out of every note. There’s compelling energy in 'Rioters Queue Here' with its strong accusatory tone, and the wild gypsy-tinged 'Jinxed' , while with a mandolin and violin-fest of 'Mountains' screams sing-along or stomp-along as the mood takes you.

The ‘press blurb’ states " ... the album was created with a 'do it yourself' work ehtic". Aside from a somewhat rough and ready feel - and that doesn’t mean it’s a poor product - far from it, ‘Fox Tales’ shows a band that’s unafraid to deliver what it does – music with drive and lots of it. 

Foxes Faux ( are Ben Snowden (electric bass) Kurt Wood (vocals, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, percussion, stomps) Luke Parker (vocals, drums, stomps, saw, Stihl saw, bell) Luke Yates (vocals, violin, mandolin, acoustic guitar, stomps) Tim Rickaby (bouzouki, glockenspiel, melodica, stomps) and Will Quinn (vocals, 12-string guitar, banjo).

 Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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