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‘Long Way Home’ Pete Davies - disguises the iron fist of its messages in a velvet glove

(March 14, 2015)

Sometimes singer songwriters wander off into their own heads – they create songs through introverted imaginings, move in ethereal worlds or manufacture places to inhabit, others take a personal perspectivepete davies - album cd-cover1 on life. Pete Davies is one of those, writing songs based on experience and what’s going on around him. His album ‘Long Way Home’ embodies the everyday views of a man ready to record what he sees.

To pick up on the man’s messages listen to ‘Fat Cats’, the infectious ‘In Search Of The Mythical King’, the sharply focused lyric of ‘God’s In His Heaven’, or the powerful messages of ‘Always Read The Writing On The Wall’ and ‘Don’t Come Back Here On Monday’. An engrossing album that truly disguises the iron fist of its messages inside a velvet glove. His easy, somewhat relaxed style masks a keen eye for ‘the wrongs of the world’ and a talent for recognising ‘incidents of injustice’, proving it takes not so much an ‘angry young man’ rather a man of experience to command the delivery. Some of the tracks are man-with-guitar, on some he’s joined by fellow musicians in an album laden with incisive lyrics, splendid melodies and impressive hooks.

Playing on ‘Long Way Home’ are Pete Davies (guitar, vocals) Bri Dales (lead acoustic and electric guitars) Christian Topman (electric bass, double bass) Angela Gordon (flute) Mark Dunston (saxophone) Alex Cromarty (drums) Chris Johnson (keyboards, backing vocals) Heather Findlay (backing vocals). Website:

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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