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‘This Family Tree’ from Luke Jackson - leaves a profound impression

(April 20, 2015)

Luke Jackson possess a remarkable instrument - his voice - from the promise of his debut, ‘More Than Boys’ through the obvious fulfilment of 'Fumes and Faith' to the latest offering ‘This Family Tree’, his command of that instrument has steadily matured, grown in reach and increased in stature. It has the ability to echo an edge gained in smoky whiskey bars, display touches of tender reflection luke jackson new epand expose the questing desire of needing more than the world has to offer. This is a voice that has the ability to breathe life into the subject of his songs morphing continuously to become the characters portrayed in their various narratives. Fictional or not, when you hear Jackson’s voice relating the lives of those characters they assume a reality, and you find you’re caring about the outcome – and that marks a fine story.

The seven tracks on ‘This Family Tree’ move between moody bluesy-rock of ‘Ain’t No Trouble’ and the mournful searching in the affecting tale of ‘Caitlin’, into the aggressive punch and refusal of ‘Reckless Kind’ to the painfully searing ache of loss felt in ‘These Winter Winds’ and the dark aggression of ‘Misspent History’. Jackson’s songs tell tales of sadness and sorrow, fury and fate, hope and acceptance, to open doors on individual lives by revealing the people living inside.

A while ago now I said: “There’s an intensity in building the sorrowful existence and reality-reflections in his character portrayals it’s difficult to keep in mind this is a young man singing not someone carrying the scars of experience and years.”  ‘This Family Tree’ only serves to prove the accuracy of that statement. Take time and it will leave a profound impression. And if you’re prepared to hear a frank song that perfectly exposes fragile moments that sometimes touch families, listen to ‘Hometown Stories’.

Playing on ‘This Family Tree’ are Luke Jackson (voice, guitar) Andy Sharps (bass guitar, backing vocals) Connor Downs (percussion, backing vocals) - find Luke and ‘This Family Tree’ here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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