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‘Brighter Every Day’ from Trout Steak Revival - music from a heart that’s beating strong and true

(April 21, 2015)

Here we go again, a new album from Trout Steak Revival – ‘Brighter Every Day’ – tight as a tick, sharp as a straight razor and brim-full of rocky-driving bluegrass mountain music. This time the band serves up eleven self-penned songs delivered through their distinctive style of tradition embellished by trout steak revival brighter every dayinnovation, old ways brought bang up to date. Their previous album, ‘Flight’ set the height of the bar, this one clears it in one bound. Now, before someone tells me that as a son of the Centennial State I have a strong bias towards mountain music, just sit back and listen, and when you do you’ll find out what all the yelling’s about. This is music from a heart that’s beating strong and true.

They open proceedings with their view of an eternal plea to ‘take me home’ with ‘Union Pacific’ before they slide into the foot-tapping melody of ‘Get A Fire Going’, from there it’s a short step into the energetic sweep, narrative lyric and eminently memorable hooks of ‘Oaklahoma’. The musical mix is intricate and multi-layered, from dancing mandolin and barrelling banjo, through searing fiddle, to driving guitar and sonorous bass. Add the perfect blend of voices, both lead and harmony, and ‘Brighter Every Day’ just keeps on giving. Their original songwriting, revolving around a collaborative effort, takes their music out of that bracket called ‘bluegrass’ into far wider places. Take in songs like the mournful ‘Wind On The Mountain’ or the musical dexterity of ‘Sierra Nevada’ and you’re there - where mountains meet the sky. Their fans will find with ‘Brighter Every Day’ Trout Steak Revival have matured and developed, delivering a sound that most certainly lives up to the promise.

Trout Steak Revival is Steven Foltz (guitar, mandolin) Bevin Foley (fiddle) William Koster (guitar, dobro) Travis McNamara (banjo, piano) and Casey Houlihan (upright bass). Website: 

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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