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‘The RCA Sessions’ - Malcolm Holcombe “… a long hard ride that simply oozes experience”

(April 21, 2015)

Doubtless pulling together tracks from ten albums took some time and equally without question, there will be somebody’s favourite that didn’t make it to the final cut, which means that some might not be the rca sessions malcolm holcombehappy with what they get. However, what you do get with Malcolm Holcombe’s album ‘The RCA Sessions’ is just what you would expect … low down gutsy, sharp-cut guitar and raw, growling throaty vocals, music that’s ‘lived in’. It’s music of a journey that feels like a long hard ride and simply oozes experience.

‘The RCA Sessions’ provides the avid listener with 16 tracks that span the range of Holcombe’s idiosyncratic, sometimes scathing, always perceptive, often dark, occasionally tender views on life and how she’s lived. From the depths of ‘Who Carried You’ through gems such as ‘I Feel Like A Train’, ‘I Never Heard You Knockin’’, a live version of ‘Mouth Harp Man’and ‘I Call The Shots’ this album gives some of the best of a unique artist. Alongside Holcombe on the album are Jared Tyler (dobro, electric guitar, lap steel) Dave Roe (upright bass) Tammy Rogers (fuiddle, mandolin) ken Coomer (drums) Jelly Roll Johnson (harmonica) and Siobhan Maher-Kennedy (vocals).

There’s no half measures with Holcombe’s music – raw, brutally honest and rough to the point of abrasive but for all that it’s poetry of a human kind that needs no adornment only an audience to listen. ‘The RCA Sessions’ releases in June 2015. And as an added bonus you get a DVD featuring some of Holcombe's live performances, and even if you own everything that the man has recorded add this one to your collection or kick yourself forever, simple as that.


Reviewer: Tom Franks

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