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Tinderbox Tour 2015 - The Stables’ Stage 2 “… an evening of giving and sharing"

(April 24, 2015)

So you haven’t seen Tinderbox live. Then do yourself a huge favour, trust me (I know, difficult request coming from a journalist) check out their tour dates ( find a gig, near or far, and go ... the experience is captivating. Their set is littered with pin-drop moments, genial banter and riveting expression, the audience remains spellbound carried away on an intricate acoustic weave and exquisite vocals.

foxstock-2On 23 April the lucky folk at The Stables’ informal venue, Stage 2, soaked up the Tinderbox effect … with two guitars Dan Tucker and Bob Burke create a lush embroidery of strings, Monique Houraghan’s deliciously pure voice paints a canvas of song, as a charismatic, personal chemistry flows between the trio. This was an evening of giving and sharing – Dan, Bob and Monique gave unstintingly of themselves and their talent to a rapt audience that shared the captivating involvement. The set contained old gems dusted down and treasures newly formed - personal narratives like ‘Homeward Bound’, the intense expression of ‘The State of Play’, love and reflection in ‘Leave The Light On’ and ‘Broken Trees’, enduring messages of ‘Travelling’ and a touch of overt seduction from Monique with ‘Valentino’. And the heart-stopping moment of their own haunting interpretation of ‘Who Knows Where the Time Goes’ … precisely the way it should be delivered.

Stage 2 at The Stables pulls you into its atmosphere, generating an intimacy with artists that few places can replicate, and when the artists share their gifts the way Tinderbox does, the closeness is palpable.   

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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