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‘Two Ravens’ debut EP from Stolen Horse - a clearly distinctive soun

(May 14, 2015)

There’s a certain vibrancy to the debut EP from Hertford-based folk trio Stolen Horse, who are Teddy Pester (lead vocal, mandolin, tenor clarinet, concertina, percussion, mandola) Benjamin Aylott (backing vocal, slide guitar, guitar, banjo, mandolin, shaker egg) and Ben Moore (bass, harmonica). And if that diverse assortment of instruments sounds interesting, you’re right, because that’s what gives 'Two Ravens' from Stolen stolen horse album coverHorse its intriguingly engaging edge.

The EP kicks off with ‘Giant (Tale Of A Six Mile Man)’, which reflects precisely what to expect from the rest of the EP - softly-delivered, almost distant vocals, multi-layered instrumentation, and distinct echoes of pastoral folk allied to folk pop. ‘Two Ravens’maintains the intricate musical mix with almost-spoken lead vocals holding the narrative, ‘The Man Who Shot Kim Booth’ slides in with a similar vein, as does the hook-rich ‘Morning’.

With ‘Two Ravens’ the band manages to deliver a clearly distinctive sound that breaks through the back ground noise level. All that’s needed now is to develop their individuality and build on it. Website:

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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