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'The Pedestrian' from Steep Ravine - polished, tightly crafted tunes awash with catchy hooks

(June 02, 2015)

Moving on from their debut album ‘Trampin’ On’ to their latest offering ‘The Pedestrian’, the San Francisco-based Steep Ravine clearly demonstrate they’ve covered a lot of ground over the intervening months. The result is a more mature sound that progresses the band to another level. The songwritingthe pedestrian steep ravineskills are more polished, the tightly crafted tunes are awash with catchy hooks, luscious melodies, tight harmonies and intricate string-work. Taken together, that makes ‘The Pedestrian’ an album you really should hear.

Songs like ‘Adeline’ hook you in from the first, the capture continues with the longing of ‘Lonesome Daybreak’ and by the time they deliver the gentle understanding and quiet acceptance of ‘Grenadine’ there’s no way you’re going to leave until the music’s over. For me the most moving and evocative tracks on this affecting album are ‘Daylight In A Jail Cell’ a narrative about ‘travelling-the-road’ and always reaching for hope, ‘Suzanne’ telling its tale of realisation, nostalgia and regret, and of course the deeply affecting title track, ‘The Pedestrian’.

Step Ravine are Simon Linsteadt (guitars, banjo, mandolin, lead vocals) Jan Purat (fiddle, vocals) and Alex Bice (upright bass, drum kit, percussion, vocals).

Review: Tom Franks

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