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‘Here & Gone Again’ by The Resonant Rogues - grabs tradition and introduces invention

(June 03, 2015)

There’s a certain confidence coupled with brash individuality to some folk music. Respect for tradition combined with a fearlessness to move forwards. Such music holds out a hand and dares you to join in resonant rogues -album-release-tourthe party. The music from The Resonant Rogues offers all that and more. Listening to their album, ‘Here & Gone Again’ is an experience that shows how tradition, innovation and daring walk happily hand in hand. ‘Here & Gone Again’ grabs tradition and introduces it to invention with a blend of American folk, infectious gypsy jazz, enervating Balkan rhythms and startling melodic exchanges.

They open with the gentle reflection of ‘Make Us Stay’ followed by a languid ‘Weight Of The World’ and the questioning ‘Fall With Me’– and there’s little doubt you’re listening to folk with a sizeable slice of extra zest. And rather tasty it is too. From songs with the sinuous rhythms of ‘Break It Off’ through the dreamy ‘End Of The Day’ to ‘Flowers’ there’s a stream of engagement that makes the songs remain long after the album ends.

The Resonant Rogues are songwriters Sparrow (vocals, accordion, banjo) and Keith J. Smith (vocals, guitar, percussion) with Craig Sandberg (upright bass, harmonies) and Drayton Aldridge (violin, harmonica). Website:

Review: Tom Franks

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