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‘Happy Land’ from Renata & Trev - intense presence and rich warmth

(June 21, 2015)

The matter-of-factly titled duo, Renata & Trev release their third CD entitled 'Happy Land' - a mixed collection of self-penned compositions and traditional folk song arrangements, the result is one more renata and trev happy landexample of ‘home-grown’ folk from the root and branch of acoustic music.

The connection between the voices, Renata’s with its intense presence and Trev’s with its rich Northumbrian warmth, blends into a mix that breathes life into their songs - ‘Sally Wheatley’, the moving ‘Waters of Tyne’ and the special edge to ‘Sally Gardens’. Their self-penned works display the same mix of voices added to some memorable tunes - ‘I’m Just a Shadow’, the deliciously melodic‘No One Knows’ and tongue-in-cheek humour of ‘Coming Down With You’.

There’s a feeling of remarkable intimacy flowing through this album. It’s an essential truth with music, down-to-earth production is all that’s needed to make the most of unassuming songs.

Singer/songwriter and native Northumbrian, Trev Reed plays guitar, dulcimer, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, bass, harmonica, ukulele and saz, he also possess a deep, warmly accented voice. Renata Connors hails from Prague in the Czech Republic, although now living in the UK, sings and plays guitar, mandolin, bass, percussion and keyboards. Website:

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