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‘The New Line’ - Boys of the Lough - faultlessly mixes old and new

(June 29, 2015)

There cannot be many in the traditional music world that don’t know Boys of the Lough. Long-time exponents of traditional Celtic music, with a five-decade history that spans continents, they add yet another album to their extensive catalogue with ‘New Line’. As to be expected, it’s a selection of music and song from Ireland, boys-of-the-lough-cover-imageScotland and Shetland that faultlessly mixes old and new with tradition happily joined to innovative arranging. Their feel for the music they play is palpable. Their expertise evident.

The opening ‘The Boys of the Lough Set’ gives way to the jigs of ‘The Gold Ring’ before the gentle song ‘Liffey Side’ arrives. From there, spritely reels and slides such as ‘O’er the Water to Bessie’ and ‘Four Slides’ mix with the soft air ‘Da Smugglers’and more songs such as ‘The Boston Burgler’ and ‘The Cavan Road’. If you have all their previous work or not, this album should join your collection.

Just in case there are any people that do not know the ‘boys’, Boys of the Lough are Cathal McConnell (flute, whistles, vocal) Breandán O’ Beaglaoigh (accordion, melodeon, vocal) Kevin Henderson (fiddle) Garry O’Briain (guitar, mandocello, keyboards.) The New Line releases 24 July 2015. Website:

Review: Charlie Elland

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