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‘Double Mind’ - David Celia - looking at life at she is lived

(June 29, 2015)

Moving through laid back Canadiana to punchy rock-driven folk, the songs of David Celia has always held a ‘reality’ that looks at life at she is lived – hard knocks, serious loves, sadness and david-celia-double-minddefiance, these lyrics tell ‘everyman’ tales. That’s what makes this music so easy to absorb. His new album ‘Double Mind’ comes with the certainty that you’ll connect with its messages because listen to his experiences or reflecting his words on yours, you’re going to identify with it all.

‘Welcome To The Show’ opens and sets in motion the wheels that drive the entire album. Moods change and transform throughout, from the title track ‘Double Mind’, moving to the gentle expression in ‘Look Of Approval’ and ‘Speak To Me’. In between his observations on life, Celia allows dry expressions of humour flow through his lyrics - the jazz-tinged ‘This Disguise’, blunt honesty of‘Drunken Yoga’ and ‘Modern Widower’.

Celia certainly knows his way around a guitar, that’s evident as his dexterity oozes through every facet of the album, from hard and aggressive to soft and reflective. ‘Double Mind’ also features the talents of outstanding musicians including Micelle Casillas and Ed Pastorini plus some of Canada’s finest, Catherine Mac Lellan, Ariana Gillis, Gene Hardy, Cleave Anderson, Joan Besen and more. Rumour has it Celia will tour the UK in November, I’m going to keep an eye out for the dates and venues – so should you. Website:

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