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‘Rebirth’ the debut album from Nottingham-based singer-songwriter Anthony Greentree

(February 09, 2012)

Is it acoustic folk or folk-rock? Is it pastoral folk with medieval influences? Although it is undoubtedly a fresh and eclectic mix of all the former components, ‘Rebirth’ the debut album from Nottingham-based singer-songwriter Anthony Greentree mixes its various elements with assuredRebirth style. There’s an inherent presence, depth and latent energy in this evocative album.

The album opens with the enigmatic ‘Anne of Cleves’, its other-worldly nature augmented by intricate strings, haunting flute and multi-layered vocals. In stark contrast ‘Want You’ urges forward with a hard-edged, echoing electric guitar over its driving percussion, before the softly-styled ‘Flowing Rivers’ returns to an elusive, flute and vocal mélange. The breadth and scope of ‘Burst the Bubble’ re-evokes the original lingering fragility of strings and flute, while complete with birdsong soundbites, ‘Green Man’ delivers a scenic exploration of rebirth, the cycle of growth invoking the spirit of the land.

There 11 songs on the album, written and performed by Anthony, who plays nylon guitar, electric nylon guitar, bass, alto and tenor recorders and flute (with percussion provided by the meagrely-named Lud). Were that insufficient, Anthony is also responsible for the album cover design and illustration.

There’s a sound here redolent of old memories of early idyllic folk, possibly some progressive or psychedelic folk influences. And far be it from me to attempt identification or classification, but this haunting sound dredges up a definite ‘feel’ of the past. Listen and make up your own mind but be prepared you will feel the past calling you back. ‘Rebirth’ is available on Bandcamp and Anthony’s web site.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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