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‘Tributaries’ from Tom Rennie - just magical

(December 04, 2012)

With the album ‘Tributaries’, musician Tom Rennie delivers a gorgeously majestic selection of Scottish music played on guitar, viola and flute. This is a beautiful collection of iconic Scottish melodies that Tributariesunder Tom’s hands reach out to touch you through the threads of a tradition stretching across 500 years in a style that’s a fresh as tomorrow’s sunrise.

With its combination of Tom on 6 and 12-string guitars and flute and Caitlyn Densmore’s delicate touch on viola, this is an album of gentle appeal. In a world that spends most of its time chasing itself and its people into ever faster gyrations, ‘Tributaries’ provides a level of peace and tranquillity that will wash over you to heal the stress that life inflicts. From a supremely satisfying version of ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ through a flute echoing on ‘Loch Tay Boat Song’ to the mournful strains of ‘Derwentwater’s Farewell’ this is eminently listenable and soothing. Tom’s own tune ‘Strath’ sits perfectly amid the traditional mix reinforcing how well he connects with this music. And perfectly placed at the close there’s ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ – just magical.

Tom says: “We don't really know who composed these pieces. One or two names have survived over the centuries, but they are mostly writers who have put words to an ancient melody ...." With this album Tom has ensured his name will rank among those remembered names.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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