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‘Toras Dans’ by Djonne & Borsheim

(February 27, 2013)

Well, what do you know an album of which I can’t understand a word lyrically…or, more importantly Annlaug - Toras Dansneed to – that’s ‘Toras Dans’ by Djonne & Borsheim. OK, so if this was being reviewed by say the BBC’s Culture Show the presenters would turn the album into some superior art form but from a layman’s point of view who knows nothing of the Norwegian language (although I must concede to having spent a month performing at The Scotsman Pub, Oslo…and survived…just.) I must confess to having been totally seduced by this awesome duo.

 On her previous album ‘November’ Annlaug (hardanger fiddle, guitar, vocal) mesmerised the listener with her enchanting vocals as if drawing you in like an anti-Siren…not to your death but towards Heaven. Now in company with Rannveig (button accordion) and guest Esbjorn Hazelius (cittern and fiddle) the ‘folk’ music quality of the recording is even more consolidated, so much so that you can almost taste a stark Shetland landscape with its salty sea-spray cleansing you as if in an audio caress.

I can’t emphasise how beautifully sumptuous this album is and, if like me you want to get away from everything life has to throw at you, you couldn’t find a better release from those pressures. Ten out of ten.

Reviewer: Pete Fyfe

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