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‘Tether & Twine’ - makes clear what Common Tongues has to offer

(March 28, 2013)

Common Tongues is five-piece that combines slices of hook-laden, melodic, attractive lyricism tether and twinedelivered across attention-grabbing vocals to produce rock-edged, inventive folk. And if that’s unclear the short-form description is well-written, catchy songs in a ‘popular folk’ style. Common Tongues debut EP ‘Tether & Twine, which is well-produced, well-packaged and complete with lyric sheet, is a fine introduction to their music.

From its acoustic beginnings and pensive lyric of ‘Solitary Thinker’ switches on with a rocky violin-accented rhythm, while the enigmatic ‘Who Said The Word’s A Weapon?’ immediately takes a heavier more convoluted path through duelling guitars and violin.  There’s a hint of more depth and complexity within with tender, cautionary tale of ‘Something’s Got To Give’ – with its layering of strings, keyboard and more of those striking vocals. That blend is the prime attraction of Common Tongues - the guitar drive, the mix of solo and harmony vocals across intriguing tunes with the added depth of slicing violin and keyboard breaks. The best example of this mix on the EP is the way that ‘Praying To God’ builds from its rather precarious introspective opening into an atmospheric, powerful percussive-based multi-vocal anthem, once more living on the potency of inspired violin.

‘Tether & Twine’ is a marker that makes clear what Common Tongues has to offer.

Common Tongues is Tom Anderson (vocals, guitar, piano) Oli Hinkins (vocals, guitar) Andrew Stuart-Buttle (vocals, violin, mandolin, keyboard) Daniel Somers (vocals, bass guitar, harmonium) and James Drohan (vocals, drums, percussion).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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