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‘Early for a Thursday’ from Jaywalkers

(April 16, 2013)

Whether or not white men can sing the blues – there’s a band in England’s ‘green and pleasant’ that Jaywalkers Artworkplays bluegrass-tinged Americana like natives of the ‘land of the free’.  If the days get the better of you and hammer you down, or you just need a ‘lift’ then take a dose of ‘Early for a Thursday’ from Jaywalkers. This album hits every spot the band aims for, integrating folk, bluegrass and country to deliver some of the best Americana I’ve heard from a British band.

From the highly infectious zip and bounce of ‘Our Sarah’, the Southern-drawled blues of ‘Drag You Down’ and ‘Lonesome Graveyard’ through sparkling arrangements like ‘FATG’ and ‘Early For A Thursday’ to the wistful, lonesome harmonies of ‘Goodnight Old Friend’ – the band spreads its talents across the length and breadth of its style with considerable dexterity.

This music clearly comes from the heart with a seamless integration of instruments and voices. For fans of the genre Jaywalkers deliver as promised. What’s more, for those of us who know, there is more than one ‘American’ accent. I despise the mid-Atlantic copy used by many non-Americans as a travesty – so I’m pleased to tell you the vocals from Jaywalkers are pretty damn close to home-grown. Without doubt, Michael Giverin (mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, harmony vocals) who writes most of their music, knows how to his way around Americana as do Lucy Williams (double bass, harmony vocals) and Jay Bradberry (fiddle, lead vocals, guitar).

If you don’t know Jaywalkers you can find them here:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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