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'Over the Edge' - new album from the Carrivick Sisters

(July 25, 2013)

One of the perks of this job is you get to hear good music ahead of everyone else. Then you can spend however long before the release date telling anyone that will listen just how good it is. 'Over the Edge'over the edge the new album from the Carrivick Sisters, released on 7th October 2013, offers you nine originals and one traditional song plus two original instrumentals … and I’m going to spend the next few months telling anyone that will listen just how good it really is.

First, you tune in to the absolute symbiosis between their voices, not totally surprising as they are siblings. Next you hear their flawless skills with their chosen instruments – Charlotte: guitar, mandolin, banjo and Laura: fiddle, Dobro, guitar.  And finally, you’re carried away on the subtle interweaving of influences from folk and bluegrass to create a sound that is lush, graceful and elegant.

There are outstanding songs on 'Over the Edge' – some tell tales, some set scenes, each one a measured musical portrait. The title track delivers a hard message through a spritely melody. The softly poignant ‘I Know You’ comes complete with an eloquent guitar. There’s so much to enjoy on this album but I have to confess I immediately fell under the spell of ‘Man in the Corner’ - a sensitive song that conveys tangible sadness through its meditative melody, and ‘Old Friend’ - filled with the simple empathy that exists between true companions.

Also playing on 'Over the Edge' are John Breese (double bass) Josh Clark (percussion) Blair Dunlop (harmony vocals on ‘Bird’) Angus Lyon (piano on ‘Outside Time/Salamander’) and Tom Sweeney (electric guitar ‘I Know You’).

Reviewer: Dan Holland

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