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‘Ribbons and Letters’ by Melody Causton - tender down-to-earth reflections

(September 28, 2013)

Currently, studying a song writing degree at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, Ribbons and lettersMelody Causton describes herself as an ‘aspiring singer songwriter from Cambridge’. Having listened to her debut EP ‘Ribbons and Letters’ I’d say it’s a fair bet that her aspirations are not all that far from fruition.

 There’s a wistful fragility to her subjective, intimate songs that makes them thoroughly revealing. There's a touch of naiveté engendered through the prerogative of youth. The lyrics expose a certain sadness and her softly reflective, breathy vocals are imbued with a supple richness. You may want to listen more than once to fully absorb the lilting quality of her voice and singular delivery but this EP deserves attention. ‘Ribbons and Letters’ offers four simple, unadorned songs that suggest tender down-to-earth reflections on relationships and dealing with their caprices and conclusions.

Absorbing the elusive poetry in songs like ‘Lay With Me’ and ‘Anchor’ it’s clear that Melody’s ambitions are not misplaced. This is an artist that shows promise. Visit her BandCamp page: - I think you’ll like what you hear.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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