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‘Longbows’ - Australian singer-songwriter Lucy Roleff’s debut EP

(September 29, 2013)

Listening to Australian artist Lucy Roleff’s debut EP ‘Longbows’ evokes a host of images. There’s a powerful dramatic quality that would fit perfectly behind a mysterious gothic drama or add Longbowsa haunting quality to impeccable film noir. That’s not to say this is dark music, it’s just music with presence and theatrical overtones that bring on reminiscences of striking visuals and takes you places that both haunt and intrigue.

Lucy has a voice that embraces the songs and gives them life – something few artists can do. Her lyrical storytelling is faintly reminiscent of a Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre – a feeling of intense examination, brooding distance and reflective, sometimes pensive concentration. Through ‘Longbows’ Lucy offers a richness of emotions mixed with eerie soundscapes and quiet solitude. There are acute observations and pensive reflection. There’s a fragile informality, private feelings and tender metaphors.

Perhaps not instantly accessible and needing dedication to appreciate - this is music that repays your attention. Produced by multi-instrumentalist Tony Dupé, ‘Longbows delivers five songs written when Lucy spent a winter in Berlin. Perhaps that’s where the feeling of ‘distance’ comes from – when you get a chance listen to tracks like ‘Volkhaus’, ‘Bodies’ and ‘Mount Honey’ and see if you agree.

Longbows launches on the 30th October, should you happen to be down-under, if not then you can find her here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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