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‘Second Chances’ from Slow Leaves - melody-intense, rock-tinged Americana folk

(October 08, 2013)

Just listened to a short EP Second Chances’ (only three tracks) that exudes melody-intense, Slow Leaves Second Chancesrock-tinged Americana folk; although the increasing use of Canadiana is more appropriate here. It’s from Slow Leaves, which is Grant Davidson and Rusty Matyas. As the story goes, the collaboration between these two grew out of a meeting in a downtown Winnipeg jam space. There was an immediate understanding between them that mixed Davidson's folk-Americana songwriting and Matyas' touch for harmony and arrangement.

Well it’s fair to say that the Slow Leaves EP, ‘Second Chances’, is a fitting taster from the sessions that will, hopefully, in time produce the expected album ‘Beauty Is So Common’ (unfortunately no release date set so far). Winnipeg, Manitoba native, Davidson certainly writes a good song, his previous work proves that, but just as you start to get into ‘Second Chances’, damn, it finishes. ‘Life of a Better Man’ drives you into the mix with its rocky beat and sharp keyboard accent, the eponymous‘Second Chances’ takes a slower pace sending its message through an understated guitar weave, while the pensive lyrics and soft vocals of ‘Careless and Serene’ add another string-driven edge to the ‘taster’. And then … it’s over.

So should we look forward to the album? Yes, we should. Is ‘Second Chances’ worth a listen? Yes it is. To see if you agree, go here:

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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