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Better Days’ from The Harmed Brothers - infinitely listenable

(October 19, 2013)

Perhaps at first an unlikely review for an online folk resource, The Harmed Brothers album ‘Better Days’ on initial listen, turned out to be bluegrass-tinged Americana woven with a gentle rocky tone andBetter-Days- a drift or two of folk roots sweeping around the mix, so I decided to take time to listen in depth. Definitely not folk but then again, not rock, this is music with a precise Americana feel that evokes a time gone by; it certainly touched something in me that recalled my home in America’s mid-west. There’s lyrical depth, melodic engagement and eminently listenable vocals – and that’s sufficient whatever the genre.

‘Better Days’ opens with a jaunty banjo-led tune, ‘When You See Me’ with catchy hook and tight harmonies, and its message of ‘getting on with it’ in the face of let down; of all the tracks this is the one that takes me back. There’s a similar essence served up with ‘Sky Cracked A Smile’ complete with finely placed piano and memorable melody, the regret of ‘Never Went Away’ slowly washes around your ears with its laid back delivery, while the impassioned title track ‘Better Days’and ‘The Ballad Of Probably Not’ with their highly infectious melodies, fall without doubt into the categories of ‘hear once and recall all day’ songs.

The Harmed Brothers have cut themselves a niche that makes their music infinitely listenable and deserving of attention. ‘Better Days’ is an album that welcomes you into its familiar ground and introduces you to something new at the same time.

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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