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‘Things That I Need To Undo’ Tom Mitchell - profound musical and lyrical depth

(March 04, 2014)

Standing alone as a singer songwriter demands a certain amount of resilience … putting your work out there for the comments of a cruel world lays the soul open to a certain degree of Tom Mitchell Things That I Need To Undoharshness … your work stands or falls on its own. Much like writers of words, once songs they leave the composer's pen they’re on their own. With the EP, ‘Things That I Need To Undo’ any vagaries of ‘cruel comment’ are highly unlikely to get an outing. You only have to listen and you’re caught in its beauty.

Tom Mitchell writes supremely catchy songs that soar across your ears. Their musical and lyrical depth are profound. The moody sensitive vocals hold your attention. With each song there’s a faint feeling of expectation – almost waiting for a fuller more spatial orchestration to kick in. Aside from the fact that such is not needed, because these songs stand strong in their own right, the observation only serves to illustrate the scope of these compositions. This latest EP follows his outstanding New World album and if this is an indication of the way Mitchell is developing his talent, the queue for the next album is going to be a long one.

‘Things That I Need to Undo’ retains Mitchell’s atmospheric folky feel, but it’s tighter and more accomplished, and ultimately deeply satisfying to listen to. Take in the gently expressive tale of ‘Michael’s Garden’ filled with its minute life-observations, the poignant lyric and iridescent guitar work throughout ‘Songsmith’s Apprentice’ or the infectious upbeat theme of ‘Susie The Seamstress’ complete with sharp and witty lyrics: “I’m Susie, I’m a seamstress, I’m designed to blow your mind.” And then there’s the title track ‘Things That I Need To Undo’ with its intensely reflective acceptance of things that have to change. This is a song that makes its point - hear it once and it will stay with you for ages.

As usual with good EPs four tracks are never enough. That's precisely how I feel about ‘Things That I Need To Undo’ written, recorded, performed and produced by Tom Mitchell. And when the queue for the next album begins, I’ll be the old guy near the front.

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