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‘Quaternity’ from Sabbath Assembly - strangeness from the far side of weird

(March 12, 2014)

An album titled ‘Quaternity’ from a band called Sabbath Assembly recently came my way  – an Sabbath-Assembly-Quaternity-Artworkaccompanying press release posed the question: “What is missing from the Christian concept of trinity?” It states that Carl Jung suggested a fourth element, the evil in human nature. To restore this element to the Trinity creates Quaternity, which in William Blake’s ‘Proverbs of Hell’ represents: “… the fourfold nature of man and his relationship to the divine.”

Already, I’m thinking this is strangeness from the far side of weird, but let’s press on and listen to the album. ‘Quaternity’ follows the old ‘Side One/ Side two’ concept. Side One opens with a ghostly chant, ‘Let Us Who Mystically Represent…’ complete with hymnal vocals, resonant bells and reverberating organ. It then covers the four deities worshipped in the theology of the Process Church of the Final Judgment (no I haven’t heard of them either) offering tracks such as ‘The Burning Cross of Christ’ with soaring guitars and echoing lyrics, ‘Jehovah On Death’ complete with disturbing, sonorous vocals, wailing strings and dire warnings from The Psalms and ‘I, Satan’ a discordant, dissonance of sound complete with growling, grotesque vocals.

Side Two consists of one track: ‘The Four Horsemen’, opening with a reading from Revelations, more tolling bells, chanting and spoken ramblings… however, at this point I underwent a total absence of interest. I’m sure that anyone given to lighting black candles in darkened rooms hoping for something ominous to manifest itself will find all they want in this pretentious, overblown album … I didn’t.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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