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‘Carolina’ from Redleg Husky ‘… working in the tradition and unafraid to innovate’

(April 17, 2014)

Americana folk has a long history of telling stories from both the depths of tradition and the creation of Carolina from Redleg Huskycontemporary tales, recording lives through hard times and bad, trial and tribulation, the music reflects emotions everyone feels. There’s a band called Redleg Husky from North Carolina that evokes the depths of those narrative songs and reflects their heritage through powerful, self-penned songs. The strength of their songwriting echoes through the songs on their new album, ‘Carolina’, and each one tells a tale that lives in today just as well as reflecting yesterday.

‘Carolina’ is Redleg Husky’s first full-length studio album, and the result is one of those roots recordings that you feel right at home with the second it opens. Clearly on a journey to see where their music takes them Redleg Husky are happy to work in the tradition and equally unafraid to innovate.

All you have to do is listen to songs like ‘Carolina Diamonds’, the rocking ‘To Much of Me’, and the soul of ‘Farewell’ – alternating voices on rich lead vocals, spot on harmonies, infectious hooks, melodies to touch your heart and the mournful echo of musical saw. And if ‘Your Medicine’ and ‘Autumn Heart’ don’t reach you, someone throw your heart out with the trash.

Redleg Husky pretty much share out the songwriting duties across the tracks. On the instrument front, Misa Giroux is responsible for vocals, guitar and banjo, Tim McWilliams handles vocals, guitar and banjo, while David Funderburk adds vocals, percussions, guitar and organ plus a ‘tool kit’ of ‘instruments’ including box drum, musical saw, limber jack, jaw harp, melodica, washboard, nose flute and kazoo. (Don’t forget to check the kitchen sink is still there should he pay you a visit.)

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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