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‘ADIRONDACK’ by John Michael Hersey - raw, hard, observant and thought provoking

(May 23, 2014)

They do say that there’s nothing like adversity to drive the strength of lyrics. Having spent time becoming familiar with the harder side of fortune, John Michael Hersey surelyAdirondack writes some strong words, with powerful tunes to carry those words. The folk rock and folk ballad songs on his album ADIRONDACK' relate a journey through tough times laying down feelings in song. It’s raw, hard, observant and thought provoking.

‘Walking to the Light’ takes you into the man's music, and it’s immediately obvious that here’s a songwriter that delivers sharp hooks and stark messages. And what’s more, here’s a voice that matches the thoughts expressed. The achingly observant ‘What Do You Think?’ is a potent song telling its truth without pulling its punches, while the solid understanding, poignant poetry and gentle melody of ‘Difficult Man’ make a point well worth the recognition – this is tough love indeed. Built around a touching piano track, Hersey expands his observations with ‘The World Came To Town’ – reflecting his own feelings through a hard to bear view of 9/11; then throughout the mournful reality of ‘Keeping Each Other Company’ and the essential truth of ‘A Bar Of Gold’ he lays down more strong narratives.

ADIRONDACK’ written, performed and produced by Hersey (except for a poem written by Victor T. Runowicz) allows you to hear a man share experiences in a way that make them easy to understand without blunting their hard edge.

Reviewer: Tom Frank

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