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‘Elephant’ from Matthew The Oxx - instrumental and lyrical meanderings

(July 11, 2014)

 As always, something different attracts. And different is definitely ‘Elephant’ from Matthew The Oxx (yes double x). Take the idiosyncratic style – a word that covers everything from distinctive to eccentric, taking in Elephant Matthew Oldfieldindividual and eccentric along the way. Well, that collection of words pretty much sums up this album. Clearly, the man has his own way of writing and delivering his music through a range of instrumental and lyrical meanderings - they make a statement that many will take to without hesitation – and they’ll relish it.

From the lead track ‘The Boy Inside the Bubble’ you’re introduced to Matthew’s voice, which most distinguishes this album - rich, rounded, explorative and eminently listenable, and the rest of the album proves that. From palely pensive through gently contemplative to languorous longing, the relative simplicity of these songs needs that voice to become part of the whole. Predominantly the songs wander around themes of love, loss, reflection and reality, sometimes pessimistic at others hopeful.

The stand-out tracks are the hook-rich and lyrically pointed ‘Call Off the Dogs’ and ‘As I Fall Through The Door’ and‘Dancing in the Northern Lights’ – to my ears they encapsulate all this album’s about. And the lyrics?  “Come back to bed it’s not the end of the weekend, let’s fuck until we see the light of Monday’s misery” or maybe, “Well we knew the price of love, the pain came for free”  … there’s no doubting their power.

Playing on ‘Elephant’ are Matthew Oldfield (aka Matthew the Oxx - banjo, guitar, vocals) Allegra Oldfield (piano) Beck Flatt (drums) Matt White (bass) and Jeremy Conlon (samples, rhythm, melodica). Perhaps not the most commercial sound I’ve heard but right up other with sounds I’d want to hear again.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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