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‘Triple ‘A’ Side’ from Marina Florance - one of folk’s most emotive voices

(September 17, 2014)

Pay attention when Marina Florance sings. You’ll hear songs delivered by one of folk’s most emotive Triple A Side marina Florancevoices, combine precisely crafted, poetic lyrics and you have songs to break barriers. That’s because unless you are in possession of a proverbial heart of steel, when you listen to her sing you experience a rush of riveting emotion or find you’re sobbing into your hands. Marina’s voice moves effortlessly from disclosing the depths of heart wrenching sentiment to making an indelible mark on your soul. Her latest EP, ‘Triple ‘A’ Side’ offers five songs that hold up a mirror to a world that should hear what this singer-songwriter has to say.

No matter how many times I listen to Marina sing ‘The Path He Chose’ it hits hard. I can think of no other song, and I’ve been trying hard, that so perfectly reflects the sense of pain, loss and injustice felt by families that send their young men and women to fight wars. If this country’s regained respect for its lost and wounded warriors needs an anthem, this is the one.

The potent ‘Getting Away’ a duet with Ben Smith, discloses discerning realisations and poignant reflections on relationships, saving personal need and understanding what passes between two people. A truly beautiful song. And to prove that Marina can rock it with the best, listen to the driving ‘Big Legged Woman’ – here’s a lady that knows what she wants and takes no crap from anyone - gutsy, rich vocals and edgy Americana guitar that make their point. ‘Triple ‘A’ Side’ also includes ‘bonus tracks’ - the delicious hurt and wealth of feeling that is ‘Cry’ and to close, comes the memorable melody of ‘Breathe’, hear it once and hum it all day.

Across selected tracks on ‘Triple ‘A’ Side’, Marina Florance (vocals, guitar) is joined by Ben Smith (guitars, vocals) and Lauren Deakin Davis (keyboards).

Recorded at Folkstock Records (www.folkstock-records) ‘Triple ‘A’ Side’ ( is someting rather special - the only downside, as with all great EPs, it’s too short. The replay button is wearing out.

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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