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‘Afterimage’ from The Kenn Morr Band - sit down, switch mics on and go for it

(September 30, 2014)

Since the day I heard ‘New Moon Rising’, I’ve been a fan of Kenn Morr’s melody-rich music. This man Kenn Morr Bandwrites songs with deep content, songs of force, songs to stick with you. His richly toned voice hovers across a laid back relaxed delivery to make you listen to lyrics that reflect life’s experiences in a way we can all share. His latest album ‘Afterimage’, is a double-CD that looks back across a career, eight previous albums and includes some of his most-loved and well-remembered songs. It’s kind of a ‘best of’ but without the unnecessary hype. And if Kenn Morr’s work touches you then this is just what you need.

The genesis of ‘Afterimage’ grew out of a ‘disaster’ that wiped, never-to-be-recovered, an entire album's worth of new material stored on an Apple phone. Despite the catastrophe, Morr decided to use the set back to execute a handbrake turn, change direction and record an album of favourite songs. Morr and bandmates Pat Ryan, Bob Gaspar and Tom Hagymasi went over his eight previous albums, meandering back to the mid-'90s and chose a selection to record live – the principle was simple, sit down, switch mics on and go for it.

This reflective ‘best of the best’ gives all you would expect from ‘Lazy Afternoon’, ‘Anna Lee’ and Trade Winds’ through ‘Bad Days’ and ‘Lost Tales’ to ‘Move On, ‘High Wire’ and 'Let’s Take Tonight’. That's a personal view, of course, your ‘best of list’ will doubtless be different to mine. Whatever it takes, this is an album that Morr fans will soak up.

The Kenn Morr Band are Bob Gaspar (drums, percussion) Tom Hagymasi (mandolin, violin, bouzouki, accordion) Pat Ryan (bass guitar, backing vocals).

Reviewer: Tom Franks

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