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‘Whispering Hills, Tangled Hair’ by Crow Puppets - evocative and wraithlike

(October 07, 2014)

This duo has successfully operated under my radar until now. Since I heard their debut album that will change. Crow Puppets album artworkThere’s something evocative and wraithlike about the music of Crow Puppets – echoing strings, trembling vocals and an eerie sense of otherworldly wanderings, but don’t think this is music without bite, for all its ethereal resonances it definitely makes its mark. The duo is Cara and Em, and their self-released debut album ‘Whispering Hills, Tangled Hair’ serves up narrative-rich folk through realms bounding a mixture of folklore, tradition, imaginings and invention, with an interlaced strings and weave of voices to hold your attention.

They lead in to the album with ‘Whispering Hills’, a mellow introduction to their individual sound with silky acoustic guitars pairing with softly sung, almost spoken, voices in perfect harmony, from there an echoing whistle introduction moves into 'Red Ribbons' with its melange of folklore traditions, faerie folk and a werefox. There’s an intense sense to the precise harmonies of ‘Be’ with its messages dealing with love and understanding, while ‘Only Human’ offers a wider narration of refusal to resign yourself to fate. The wraithlike rustic edge makes a return through ‘Spell of the night’ as its recorder accent draws you in, and to close the album they move into ‘Battlehorse’ with its altogether fiercer edge.

With ‘Whispering Hills,Tangled Hair’ Crow Puppets have created an album that has considerable depth.

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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