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‘The Parts Of Us That Still Remain’ by Michelle Lewis - deep and shared understanding

(October 17, 2014)

Singer-songwriter Michelle Lewis writes songs that touch with the softness of a dream yet pierce with the sharpness of a needle. Throughout her album ‘The Parts Of Us That Still Remain’ she weaves thoseThe Parts of Us That Remain songs into a deep and shared understanding of the human condition, hard relationships and that curious possession called love. She takes the listener inside a world that reflects on sadness, understands passion, recognises hope and projects an acutely felt sense of tenderness.

With a warmly emotive, sometimes-fragile voice that wraps itself softly around the songs, Michelle has the ability to turn a phrase that catches. The brutal truths of ‘Sorry I Forgot To Write’ -  “It’s just that I’ve had enough, I’m growing tired, I’ve given up” and “It’s just that I fell in love with someone else I put above everything else in my life” - cut like a knife.

So-called ‘love songs’ walk a fine line between too intensely personal or too mawkish for reality. Not here. With vocals laced over a gently struck guitar these songs are there for all to share. Depending on individual experiences the reality sometimes hits hard but the bare honesty of the writing encourages engagement, although shedding a tear or two is almost certain. From the resigned acceptance of ‘Running Back Home’ through the old time security and carefully constructed lyrics of ‘Just Like A Movie’ and the sense of searching for an answer in the melodic ‘Run, Run, Run’ to the need for understanding in ‘Something As Simple’ with its wonderfully practical vocals.

I’m told this album is as much pop as folk, be that as it may, for me it’s an album of supremely sensitive narratives from a lady with a deft touch with words and music.

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Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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