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‘A River Runs Between’ from The Changing Room – ‘swiftly seizes and grips your attention’

(October 17, 2014)

An EP that directly heralds a follow-up album, ‘A River Runs Between’ from The Changing Room only The-Changing-Room-A-River-Runs-Between-300pxoffers three songs but that’s enough to set your anticipation radar onto high-gain.The brain-child of singer songwriter Tanya Brittain, whose home county provided much of the inspiration for the music, ‘A River Runs Between’ combines the influence of Cornwall’s landscape, culture and the eternal sea. Its songs reflects the depth of Cornwall’s heritage, tradition and identity to swiftly seize and grip your attention.

Playing alongside Tanya on ‘A River Runs Between’ are Sam Kelly, JenniferCrook, Ryan Jones, Ross Prothero-Bourge, Gareth Young and the inimitable Polperro Fishermen’s Choir. Add the skills of producers Boo Hewerdine and Jon Kelly and there’s already a sizeable collection of talent to envy. Enough of the pedigree, which is impressive enough, what of the music?

The eponymous title track, A River Runs Between, sets out an eloquent human narrative of love and conflict given life by Sam Kelly’s emotive voice and a lingering chorus flooded by a scintillating melody built around Jennifer Crook’s sympathetic touch on the harp. Through another intensely felt  lyric ‘Deep Beneath The Sea’ illustrates the enduring and necessary respect the sea demands and the uncaring fate it holds for those that forget, while ‘Row Boys Row’ with its hugely evocative male chorus tells its memorable tale of fishermen and their working year. This spirit of this EP is awash with poignant illustration of a captivating land, its elemental connection with the surrounding waters and the fiercely independent dominion they conjure into life.

The Changing Room is Sam Kelly (vocals, guitar, woodwind) Tanya Brittain (vocals, accordion, keys) Ryan Jones (backing vocals, guitar) Jennifer Crook (harp) Ross Prothero-Bourge (percussion) Gareth Young (bass) and Polperro Fishermen’s Choir.

The Changing Room and ‘A River Runs Between’ can be found here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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