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‘Tangle Of Trees’ by Sheila MacDonald - sensitive, meaning-rich lush lyrics

(October 25, 2014)

This is an album that offers modest poetry-driven songs delivered by one voice over gentle Tangle Of Trees covermelodies. ‘Tangle Of Trees’ by Sheila MacDonald  delivers a feeling of extreme gentleness with the singer-songwriter examining both intense personal experiences and exploring interepretations of wider worlds. The only point of pause is a sense of feeling the songs flowing into each other in parts of the album, a sense of ‘repetitiveness’ which perhaps fails to express the individuality of the songs. Having said that, there are some definite stand-outs that make their mark, and that mark is most clearly made through the sensitive, meaning-rich lush lyrics and instrumental accents.

There’s the exploration of memories and foundation of future within ‘Halfway Home’, the sense of breaking sadness and soul saving narrative that suffuses ‘Joe The Mechanic’ and the quiet acceptance of the rigours of life through ‘Ben Of The Boat’ set themselves apart from the others. That doesn’t infer any negativity on the rest, it just means the similarities are too apparent. You couldn’t do other than like this simple album, but with more songs like the three above you could love it.

Musicians on ‘Tangle Of Trees’ are Sheila MacDonald (vocals, harmonies, guitar) with on selected tracks Raymond Gonzalez (guitars, mandolins, banjos, piano, keys, percussion) and Emerald Rae (violin).

Reviewer: Charlie Elland

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