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‘A Tale of Sailors’ - Heg and The Wolf Chorus – theatrically expressive lyrics

(October 31, 2014)

Replete with echoes of unearthly atmospheres suspended through wavering mists, the music of Heg & The Wolf Chorus creates a surreal spectrum of fascination-filled sound. They take folk musicHeg and the Wolf Chorus EP Cover FINAL into mysterious realms of unexpected drama through multi-layered ‘choralesque’ narratives that evoke primeval gyres. Join them on their journeying and you’ll wheel down avenues of tangled tales, populated by shadowy figures and strange places suffused with shades of faerie tale. Beware though, these are not delicate gossamer-winged denizens of children's stories, the inhabitants of these dark worlds preach ominous murmurings and sing siren songs to seduce the unsuspecting.

The latest offering from Heg and The Wolf Chorus, ‘A Tale of Sailors’ overflows with theatrically expressive lyrics and sonorous instrumentation. There’s never a moment when your attention wanders - they progress their lyrical roaming to explore the powerful ‘Three Sailors’ led in by resonant bowed bass and delivered by evocative vocals, with ‘Annie of the Atlantic’ pouring in oceans of presence and majesty driven by careering keys and roaring percussion. Reprised from their debut EP, ‘Boat & I’ returns with ever more power, again with singularly distinctive vocals mixed with ominous percussion, keys and strings to create a maelstrom of sensation, while the sepulchral chanting of ‘Sea Shanty for Bessie Harker’ reflects the portents of its tale.

The band is Heg Taylor-Brignall, Stephanie Taylor-Brignall, Richie Dobson and Vince Martin – dramatically dynamic purveyors of unconventional English folk. ‘A Tale of Sailors’ releases on 24 November. That makes three vivid yet short EPs – and like many others I’m thinking ‘surely an album must follow’.

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 Reviewer: Tim Carroll

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